Our Local Financial Planning Team

Over 175 Years of Combined Experience

In developing your personal financial plan, The Construction Planning Group draws upon the specialized knowledge of local planning professionals such as plan designers and investment and insurance specialists. With over 175 years of combined experience, our professional team consists of industry specialists who have strong technical backgrounds in all areas of financial planning.

The objective of the financial plan is to provide each of our clients with a financial profile that will help them to structure and review their financial resources - income and assets - to most effectively help meet their financial objectives. Through our integrated approach of investment, insurance and financial planning, we are able to deliver our clients one comprehensive financial plan that helps towards meeting each of their personal and professional financial investment and financial planning and insurance needs.

Financial Planning

A comprehensive financial plan includes recommendations in one or more of the following areas: estate, business succession, retirement funding, investment, employee stock options, education funding, and charitable planning. To address each of the above areas of financial planning, the planning team uses proprietary software to aid them in creating an individualized financial condition model. This model fully takes into account the long-term impact of taxation, inflation and each of the financial strategies clients have already implemented or plan to implement; projects annual cash flow and asset growth over a life expectancy; and estimates the size of the client's net worth the wealth management platform provides, and investments of the estate.

Investment Planning

Our approach to investment planning relies on core principles developed and tested since the inception of our firm. These principles are: asset allocation, which provides the foundation to managing portfolio risk and return potential; no single wealth management firm can be all things to all people; and our most important role is to be a client's objective advocate. Our comprehensive approach to asset management programs includes portfolio modeling analysis and design, ongoing reviewing, due diligence, economic and market research, and account manager search and selection.

Insurance Analysis

Our team of insurance professionals employs a disciplined, structured approach to determine whether and to what extent life insurance can help clients meet their future financial needs and goals. In addition, a client’s existing insurance is also reviewed to determine if it is appropriately structured and cost effective. Our insurance department evaluates and analyzes the following key policy criteria: risk level, premium level, premium duration, death benefit and cash value, short- and mid- and long-term value. In addition to life insurance, the insurance team also makes recommendations from a broad range of insurance products including long-term care and disability income insurance.